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Download Trap Maze Lite 2.7

Trap Maze Lite 2.7  Trap Maze Simple! Free! Feel free to play! This app is a maze game. You aim is to go goal within the time limit. You must fend off the traps and get several balls on the way to the goal.

Download ShootingBallsLT 1.3

ShootingBallsLT 1.3  The space that spreads out of the obstacle such as planets. Various kinds of color balls which move about the space. You must shoot such the balls in sequence. This game is lite version of Shooting Balls.

Download SenseOfTime 1.2

SenseOfTime 1.2  Sense Of Time Your sense of time is good? This application is an application to test your sense of time. The following is a description of this app. At first, you need to press start button.Target time is displayed in order.