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Download Solitaire With Friend 1.1

Solitaire With Friend 1.1  Solitaire With Friend is the one only apps available in apps store that provides three different types of Solitaire game in one app. Features of the game - Compete with your friends and show who is the boss?

Download Mahjong Reloaded HD 1.0.2

Mahjong Reloaded HD 1.0.2  Your goal is to remove all tiles from the board. To remove tiles you need to match two similar tiles which are uncovered. A tile is uncovered if it is top of all other tiles or there is no other tile, around the selected tile, at more height.

Download Double Dolls 1.0.1

Double Dolls 1.0.1  Connect two circle and make doll free. Quickly connect two circle of the same color as soon as possible and get life free!

Download Alex Shop 1.1

Alex Shop 1.1  - Are you a super fan of diamond or gems games? - Are you tired of the classical diamond or gem swapping games? - Try Alex Shop, the fun addicting finger tapping gem elimination game! with brand new style which brings more fun and joy!

Download Road Killer 1.0.0

Road Killer 1.0.0  Check you ability, How far you can go with your car? You have booster to increase speed of your car. Use brake to limit your car speed where needed.

Download Crazzy Zoo 1.5

Crazzy Zoo 1.5  Crazzy zoo is all about gathering all zoo animals, and you have to very careful not to leave any animal alone. you can pair the animals that are close to each other and you have to make sure that no animals left in the board.

Download Cube Crush HD 2.7

Cube Crush HD 2.7  Cube Crush is the crushing cube game with amazing powers and beautiful animations with three different modes. You can play your favorite mode up to unlimited levels because game have no stops.