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Freeware Programs: Ars Subtilior
Download NextCheck 1.2

NextCheck 1.2  Everybody has tasks that have to be done again and again. Depending on the complexity of those tasks, creating checklists for them will help you save time and improve quality.

Download QiFood 2.5

QiFood 2.5  The QiFood App gives you details about the properties and effects of aliments according to the traditional chinese nutrition. It contains detailed information on more than 60 foods ranging from Almond to Yoghurt.

Download HanCard 2.0

HanCard 2.0  HanCard is a vocabulary trainer for chinese characters. Features: * Flashcards for the vocabulary of New Practical Chinese Reader", "Practical Chinese Reader", "Integrated Chinese (Ed.

Download TV Timer 1.1

TV Timer 1.1  TVTimer helps you change your TV consumption. You set yourself a goal for your weekly or daily TV consumption and use the App to track the time you spent watching TV.