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Download TDialer Component v2.0

TDialer Component v2.0  allows you to dial phone numbers from your Delphi applications. To use, just drop the component into the form, set your communication port (supported COM1 ...

Download TmsRAS Component v1.0

TmsRAS Component v1.0  implements Windows Remote Access Services (RAS) and allows you to dial-up to remote computers. The remote computer can be an ISP, or any computer running a dial-up networking server.

Download Estimated Timer Component v1.20

Estimated Timer Component v1.20  calculates the elapsed time and estimated end time of your process, and also provides flexible event handlers for displaying elapsed and estimated times.

Download ArGoSoft Mini Mail Server 1.0

ArGoSoft Mini Mail Server 1.0  ArGoSoft Mini Mail Server is a free application. Mini Mail Server is a perfect solution for travelers. Do you want to use your favorite email client when on the road, but are having problems, becuase connection providers block port 25? ArGoSoft Mini

Download ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET Freeware 1.0

ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET Freeware 1.0  ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET Freeware is a mail server for local domains and users. If you want to deliver mail outside of your server, to the Internet, allow relay option must be activated. If this option is enabled, you must specify DNS server,

Download ArGoSoft Mail Transfer 1.0

ArGoSoft Mail Transfer 1.0  ArGoSoft Mail Transfer is a powerful tool, which allows to retrieve mail from single, or multiple POP3 accounts, and redistribute them between accounts of any SMTP server, based on the data in headers of retrieved email messages. Process of

Download ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET Web Interface 1.0

ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET Web Interface 1.0  ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET Web Interface is free, and comes with full source code. Almost all the text seen on the web interface is stored in resource files, which makes modification of text, it's translation to other languages very easy. ArGoSoft