Freeware Programs: AppSense
Download AppSense DataLocker 1.0

AppSense DataLocker 1.0  DataLocker is a simple-to-use set of applications that makes it easy to add an extra layer of security to sensitive files before syncing them to cloud-based services. With DataLocker your personal information will be both secure and easily

Download Project FFlickit 1.1

Project FFlickit 1.1  Project fflickit Instant sharing of real-time information between your devices At AppSense, we are always working to develop new solutions that will improve your user experience, increase workflow efficiencies and drive productivity.

Download AppSense MobileNow 1.5.63

AppSense MobileNow 1.5.63  AppSense MobileNow allows you to seamlessly and securely enroll and connect all your iOS devices to your corporate network. In a few easy steps, you will be able to access all your corporate apps and data a instantly and securely.