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Download Amethyst Network Library 0.1.2

Amethyst Network Library 0.1.2  The Amethyst Network Library is a Java-based network library developed specifically for the Java platform

Download Aspirin 420

Aspirin 420  Aspirin is a small but funny game written in

Download Axiom 3D Engine

Axiom 3D Engine  Open-source, cross-platform 3D rendering engine for .NET and Mono

Download CatalogConnector Open Source 1.0.1

CatalogConnector Open Source 1.0.1  It is a Client Application developed in Java that sends simultaneous OGC CSW requests to several metadata catalogues (ebRim or ISO 19115/19119 profile), processes the responses and shows them in a single web

Download Continuous Integration Monitor Library b.0.0.2

Continuous Integration Monitor Library b.0.0.2  A Java Swing based library that allows a user to monitor multiple continuous integration server instances (Such as Hudson and CruiseControl instances) easily and

Download Copymark 3.3.5

Copymark 3.3.5  A simulation of real world file transfer performance. Generates files and then transfers them using the Windows Shell or Finder in OS X. Outputs performance results to .csv and has an optional plotting feature

Download CppUnit - C++ port of JUnit 1.0

CppUnit - C++ port of JUnit 1.0  CppUnit is the C++ port of the famous JUnit framework for unit testing. Test output is in XML or text format for automatic testing and GUI based for supervised

Download daro 1.3

daro 1.3  A collection of Java client applications based on OSGi, libraries and

Download DbSlim 0.0.1

DbSlim 0.0.1  DbSlim is a set of Fitnesse SLIM Test System fixtures which enables tests to execute directly against a database

Download Embedded Web Radio rc.20090917

Embedded Web Radio rc.20090917  Firmware for AVR/ARM target boards based on the Elektor Internet Radio and Atmel's Internet Radio AN. The Radio connects to SHOUTcast/Icecast servers and uses VS10xx chips or the Helix decoder

Download File Read Test 1.05

File Read Test 1.05  File Read Test is a tool that reads disk files or directories and stops on the first read error

Download Global Sensor Networks (GSN) 1.0

Global Sensor Networks (GSN) 1.0  GSN is a middleware (extendible software infrastructure) for rapid deployment and integration of heterogeneous wireless sensor networks

Download GWTruts GWT MVC and DI Framework 0.8

GWTruts GWT MVC and DI Framework 0.8  GWTruts is a GWT MVC framework. It uses an easy XML config file to configure the views and controllers and their properties

Download Harmoni PHP Project 1.9.4

Harmoni PHP Project 1.9.4  The Harmoni PHP Project consists of three major components: 1) A PHP application framework and architecture, offering, e.g

Download Internet Jam Session Software 1.0

Internet Jam Session Software 1.0  The llcon software enables musicians to perform real-time jam sessions over the internet

Download Jet3d++ 7

Jet3d++ 7  Jet3D is a robust 3D graphics engine built for high performance real-time rendering

Download jGnash

jGnash  jGnash is a cross platform personal finance application written in Java. jGnash is a double entry system with support for multiple currencies

Download jGnucashLib rc.2.0.26

jGnucashLib rc.2.0.26  Java-library for manipulating the file-format of the gnucash open source accounting-software. Usable to automate accounting-tasks using e.g. HBCI or invoice-parsing or to simplify the preparation of your taxes

Download KeplerWeka 2.0.20101008

KeplerWeka 2.0.20101008  KeplerWeka adds the functionality of the open-source machine learning and data mining workbench WEKA to the free and open-source, scientific workflow application,

Download LiegKat-Archiv 0.9.4

LiegKat-Archiv 0.9.4  Liegkat-Archiv delivers ALK converters for spatial data formats (EDBS, BGRUND, SQD, DFK, HK) and coordinate systems used in German cadastral agencies before ALKIS into KML and JML

Download LiteSQL C++ Object Persistence Framework 32

LiteSQL C++ Object Persistence Framework 32  LiteSQL is a C++ library that integrates C++ objects tightly to relational database and thus provides an object persistence layer

Download NGSolve Finite Element Library 4.9.13

NGSolve Finite Element Library 4.9.13  NGSolve is a general purpose Finite Element Library on top of Netgen. With the basic library one can solve heat flow equations, Maxwell equations, and solid mechanical problems

Download nifty-gui 1.3.1

nifty-gui 1.3.1  Nifty GUI is a Java Library that supports the building of interactive user interfaces for games or similar applications. It utilizes LWJGL, JME, Java2d or JOGL for OpenGL rendering

Download NWN Libraries 1.0

NWN Libraries 1.0  An NWN1 and NWN2 open file-format

Download Overhead Imagery Research Data Set 1.0

Overhead Imagery Research Data Set 1.0  Overhead Imagery Research Data Set (OIRDS) - an annotated data library & tools to aid in the development of computer vision

Download PaGMO / PyGMO 1.0.0

PaGMO / PyGMO 1.0.0  A C++ / Python platform to easily perform parallel computations of optimisation tasks (global and local) via the asynchronous generalized island model

Download Palm sync for iCalendar files 0.7

Palm sync for iCalendar files 0.7  palm2ics project provides a set of tools (Python converter, HotSync conduit) for Palm desktop (v4.1+) and Palm OS 5 devices (T5, TX, Z21..

Download php Class Generator - PCG 0.8.5

php Class Generator - PCG 0.8.5  PHP Class Generator will generate PHP 5 source code from your mysql BD model. PCG The internal optimizer self create objects on demand and provide fluid interface. You can plug-it on Zend Framework

Download phpMenu 2.3

phpMenu 2.3  PHP Library for building Navigation blocks (Menus) for Web Site Developers. The Library allows to build Complex Navigation with folding sections, infinite number of nested subsections, visual presentation is CSS-driven

Download Pools of Virtual Boxes

Pools of Virtual Boxes  Pools of Virtual Boxes (POVB) aims to make it easy to deploy Linux Condor pools on Windows based machines using Virtual Box virtual