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Freeware Programs: Applied Motion Products
Download SCL Utility 2.6

SCL Utility 2.6  SCL Utility is a terminal utility for streaming serial commands. You can stream SCL commands from the command line and also write and save SCL command scripts. SCL Utility has a simple interface and works with all RS-232, RS-485, and Ethernet

Download Si Programmer 2.7

Si Programmer 2.7  Intended for use in stand-alone applications, Si Programmer™ provides quick and easy programming with an extremely friendly, point-and-click interface that does not require any software programming experience

Download Quick Tuner 2.2

Quick Tuner 2.2  Quick Tuner™ is Applied Motion's servo tuning and configuration tool, used to setup and tune all Applied Motion servo drives. Quick Tuner™ comes with a built-in sampling oscilloscope, status and alarm monitoring, preloaded tuning files for