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Download MouseSNPbrowser 1.0

MouseSNPbrowser 1.0  This free tool enables efficient and easy selection of SNP sets to distinguish mouse strains of interest, with specific applications in genotype/phenotype mapping and strain verification

Download Genotyper 1.0

Genotyper 1.0  Genotyper is a software that provides a state-of-the-art genotype calling algorithm, intuitive user interface, enhanced Study-based analysis features, and high call rates and accuracy

Download CopyCaller 1.0

CopyCaller 1.0  CopyCaller Software performs relative quantitation analysis of genomic DNA targets using the real-time PCR data from pre-designed or Custom TaqMan Copy Number Assay experiments. The software and associated copy number assays can be used to detect

Download MutationDetector 1.0

MutationDetector 1.0  Applied Biosystems Mutation Detector™ Software is an automated data analysis tool that performs mutation detection analysis of real-time PCR quantitation data from TaqMan® Mutation Detection Assay research experiments. View and analyze data for