Freeware Programs:
Download Day Clipboard Utility 2. 4. 2005

Day Clipboard Utility 2. 4. 2005  Day Clipboard Utility can be minimized and automatically capture all text or image copied (CTRL+C) and it automatically saves them in TXT (the text) and BMP (the images); it also automatically names the files with the criterion of the current

Download Day Text Converter 1.4

Day Text Converter 1.4  It converts every text to upper and lower case, in real time, while you are writing or pasting in the box

Download Day Maxi Calc 1.5

Day Maxi Calc 1.5  Super-sized calculator with big buttons and a wide

Download Day Moon Browser 1.2

Day Moon Browser 1.2  Portable web browser that allows you to surf the web in comfort with history, favorites, chronology and other tools always