Freeware Programs: AppFish
Download Offline Coder 2.2

Offline Coder 2.2  Offline coder allows you to enter HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP code and have the output generated immediately. You can code completely offline, with the exception of compiling PHP, which requires an internet connection.

Download Maths Exercises 1.1

Maths Exercises 1.1  This app contains a range of interactive materials for Mathematics students in Year 7, 8 and 9 in a convenient to use format. The materials are also available on the CIMT website from Plymouth University.

Download GCSE Mathematics Revision 1.0

GCSE Mathematics Revision 1.0  This app provides notes, practice questions and quizzes for all the modules in the GCSE Maths course. The full app is completely free and contains no advertising.