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Freeware Programs: Apparent Media
Download MIRUS Explorer 1.2

MIRUS Explorer 1.2  The MIRUS System is an independent electronically controlled anaesthesia gas vaporizer. The MIRUS Explorer is a training program for the MIRUS System from PALL. Installing and using the system can be trained with this App.

Download ESN Potsdam 1.0

ESN Potsdam 1.0  ESN Potsdam proudly presents the first ESN app! Find all important information about our section - directly on your iPhone or iPod and always up to date!

Download KAIORIZE 1.1.1

KAIORIZE 1.1.1  This app is for members only and grants access to the world of KAIORIZE. It enables you to use KAIORIZE in an even more convenient way than before and makes it easier for you to connect with brands from all over the world.

Download Pall eFlyer 1.2

Pall eFlyer 1.2  The Pall eFlyer is a presentation tool to present products electronically. The contents can be defined and changed by a content management system. This Version is only created for internal use of the Pall Company.