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Download DaigakuApp 2.0.1

DaigakuApp 2.0.1  Attention!University Students!! This is the necessaries for university students to search many extracurricular activities! ! You can find extracurricular activities which you want to belong!

Download Boy's Smiley&Emoticons5000 1.0.1

Boy's Smiley&Emoticons5000 1.0.1  This app is the male version of ?Smiley&Emoticons5000****? (downloaded by 1700,000 users in the world, AppStoreRewind2011 ranked, No.1 App on AppStore Charts) ?Feature??Simple icon?Simple smileys?Simple categories?

Download WeChatNow! 1.0.2

WeChatNow! 1.0.2  WeChatNow allows you to communicate with someone you know in your neighborhood. By using location-based services, ChatNow will locate your close contacts instantly. Wanna catch up with your friends around you?