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Download Lightspeed iTrac 1.1.2

Lightspeed iTrac 1.1.2  Lightspeed iTrac is a market research application that involves study participants keeping a diary of their activities. The diary asks short, simple questions on where you are and what you are doing.

Download TNS Live DK 1.0

TNS Live DK 1.0  TNS Live DK brings the "third screen" of mobile phones and tablets to life around live TV events. Come join us to play along with event shows, reality TV, and more where you can participate in quizzes, polls, chats and more!

Download Mobile Diary 1.0

Mobile Diary 1.0  This application is for a mobile diary project by Ipsos, a leading market research company. Participants *check in* throughout the day and share how they've been using their mobile phone, and for their help, are given a gift certificate.