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Download myMP.exe 1.0.1

myMP.exe 1.0.1  A small, Motivation related exercise, based on HRD practice Full version 1.0.1 with Reference 20020414, Size = 56 KBMyMP stands for My Motivation and Preferences.This is a small exercise based on HRD or counselling practice.

Download EasyCalc.exe 3.0.0

EasyCalc.exe 3.0.0  \A calculator - Normal, Scientific, Interest, Annuity calculations Do all normal arithmetic calculations Do many types of scientific function calculations viz.

Download HIT_LinesePAD 1.1.0

HIT_LinesePAD 1.1.0  HTML Tags Editing Pad with Help / Tutorial This is a small utility to create new web pages or edit existing web pages. This is a stand-alone application. It does not require any installation. Just unzip the file and run the executable.