Freeware Programs: Animoca
Download MagicalLens 1.2

MagicalLens 1.2  Create fun portraits of your friends and family this Christmas! With MagicalLens, you can give anyone the perfect Christmas costume a from astronauts to the Mona Lisa, or even the Statue of Liberty!

Download Missing Link! 1.0

Missing Link! 1.0  Now you can enjoy the demo version of Missing Link! The Missing Link a the clue to the mysteries of every creature that has ever existed. It is now in your hands.

Download Attraction-Meter 1.1

Attraction-Meter 1.1  You want to check out how attractive and how charming are you or your friends? You can check this out by just one click, don't miss this interesting application, you will know yourself much better!

Download Shoot The Zombie 1.0

Shoot The Zombie 1.0  Love beating up the brain-eating undead? Well, then Shoot the Zombie is the app for you! Interact with a zombie in many different ways, including shooting, pinching, tapping and punching.

Download Dodge Talent! 1.1

Dodge Talent! 1.1  Get ready for a simple, fun and challenging game of dodge! How long can you survive? Dodge Talent is a top-secret organization of very talented dodgers, and they've come to Dodge Island seeking excitement.