Freeware Programs:
Download SGsoft WordPad 1.0.1

SGsoft WordPad 1.0.1  This is a simple but powerful program for you to create RTF and Text files, it can also edit RTF and Text files as

Download SpeedLoad 1.0 b3

SpeedLoad 1.0 b3  SpeedLoad monitors a program?s activities and then optimizes the application so it loads more quickly

Download Windows Enabler 1.1

Windows Enabler 1.1  Windows Enabler allows the user to enable disabled windows and controls such as buttons and tick boxes and choose menu options that would normally be disabled


 A program that lets you add numerous comments (like you have a 4.5 Ghz CPU!) and a logo (of your own design) in your System Properties


 Tired of having those arrows beside your shortcut icons? This very small program will hide those arrows beside your cool


 This is a program that will create a puzzling set of folders that won?t get deleted or renamed. Produce premade ones or make it yourself

Download Maximum Matrix 0.9

Maximum Matrix 0.9  Help Mary and Josie in their quest to tame a bizarre TV


 Mission 2 Mars is a space shooter game where you have to fight against some very intelligent and vicious aliens to save your planet Earth. You are the only hope to save the innocent people of Earth

Download Screen Block Grabber 4. 2. 2004

Screen Block Grabber 4. 2. 2004  This application grabs a screen shot given pre-selected dimensions. It is an ideal adjunct to the highly acclaimed IrfanView image viewer

Download Sync Look+ 5.0

Sync Look+ 5.0  Sync Look+ is an image and video viewer with tons of useful options and modern design