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Download Easy Age Calculator 1.0

Easy Age Calculator 1.0  Why do you want to check the calendar to find your current age, remaining days or months for your birthday or even the schedule for the next birthday.

Download Remember Locations ? 1.0

Remember Locations ? 1.0  If someone has a bad sense of direction and poor memory or are new to the area, trying to find the location/ direction can be stressful.

Download Profile Baker (Techila Solutions) 1.0

Profile Baker (Techila Solutions) 1.0  Now create your own profile with the help of our "Profile Baker" App. Its always important to have our own valuable profile, full of information about us.

Download Pop a Sleep 1.0

Pop a Sleep 1.0  Your Sleeping Pills !!There are times when you don't get sleep & you feel to relax your mind and rest.Now, You have a solution in you phone itself !Download our " " & start popping the stars that fall from the sky and feel the difference immediately.