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Freeware Programs: Andrew Guryanov
Download goRefs v1.2

goRefs v1.2  displays an application's DLL dependency tree. When Windows runs an EXE , it usually loads several DLLs into memory. Each DLL in turn refers to other DLLs. goRefs displays this dependency tree without actually loading any code.

Download Dancing Stars Screen Saver v2.5

Dancing Stars Screen Saver v2.5  displays a variety of colored stars bouncing about your screen. Options let you select the number of stars (from 2 to 30), and change the force of gravity.

Download goWhich 1.2.9

goWhich 1.2.9  \looks for specific files in the PATH directory list. goWhich is similar to the Unix "which&quot\; command, but it supports wildcards and it finds finds all occurrences of a specified file.