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Freeware Programs: Andreas Rottler
Download Bricks 'The Wedge' Puzzle v1.0

Bricks 'The Wedge' Puzzle v1.0  is a brain-teasing game of manipulating a brick through a maze. The Wedge is another game of the Bricks family (Bricks I,II,III). The object is to move a brick through a maze of other bricks to a certain destination.

Download Bricks (by Andreas Rottler) v1.9

Bricks (by Andreas Rottler) v1.9  is a remake of the Polish puzzle game of Klocki. The goal of Bricks is to move the red master brick to a specific position. It sounds easy, but it is a real brain-teaser, since you get more points if you use a lesser number of moves.