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Freeware Programs: Anatoli Klassen
Download akPi v2.2.0

akPi v2.2.0  is a program to calculate Pi. akPi can also be used to test computer speed. It calculates up to 100,000 digits.

Download akFontViewer v3.1.2

akFontViewer v3.1.2  is a simple font viewing utility. akFontViewer displays a list of all installed fonts. You can click on any font to view its character set.

Download akMediaAdmin v1.1

akMediaAdmin v1.1  \allows you to determine the duration of your media files. akMediaAdmin lets you display the name and duration of your media files, such as the AVI, MID, MP3, and WAV formats.

Download akPlayer v1.9.0

akPlayer v1.9.0  allows you to play various audio and video files. akPlayer supports the AVI, DAT, MID, MPG, and WAV formats, enabling you to generate playlists from files in any folder, as well as set up hotkeys.