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Freeware Programs: An Uncommon Way to Wealth
Download Grocery Savings Pricebook Spreadsheet 1.0

Grocery Savings Pricebook Spreadsheet 1.0  Keep track of what you pay for groceries (or practically anything you buy on a regular basis), so you can determine the best price and best time to buy for each item. This spreadsheet allows you to have lists of categories for use in drop-down menus.

Download Biweekly Mortgage Calculator 1.0

Biweekly Mortgage Calculator 1.0  Got a mortgage? This calculator shows how much a biweekly mortgage may save you. By making biweekly payments on your mortgage, you could save thousands of dollars and pay off your mortgage years sooner than with monthly payments. Got a mortgage?

Download Mortgage Comparison Calculator 1.0

Mortgage Comparison Calculator 1.0  See how much you can save by getting a 15-year mortgage instead of a 30-year mortgage. Calculates the total interest you'll pay for both 15- and 30-year mortgages so you can make an intelligent choice.

Download Car Maintenance Schedule Spreadsheet 1.0

Car Maintenance Schedule Spreadsheet 1.0  Helps keep track of your car maintenance information, and shows you when a maintenance item is due. It even lets you know when an item is overdue, by highlighting the due date in red. This is a very handy tool for those of us who are a bit forgetful.

Download Cup o Joe Factor Calculator 1.0

Cup o Joe Factor Calculator 1.0  This is a handy Excel spreadsheet that helps you to determine just how much your habits cost you. For example, did you know that your pack-a-day smoking habit could turn into an extra $262,000 or so at retirement (depending on your age)?

Download Checkbook Balancer 1.0

Checkbook Balancer 1.0  Hate to balance your checkbook? This spreadsheet takes the drudgery out of a tedious task, and is a great way to learn to balance your checkbook. Hate to balance your checkbook?

Download Millionaire Calculator 1.0

Millionaire Calculator 1.0  Ever wondered just how long it will take for you to save a million dollars? This spreadsheet will let you enter just a few simple figures, and calculates the exact month that you?ll be a millionaire.

Download Master Information Sheet 1.0

Master Information Sheet 1.0  If you?ve ever lost a credit card, you know how important it is to know your card number and how to contact the card issuer to report it lost or stolen. I use this spreadsheet to record my card numbers and expiration dates, contact information, etc.

Download Net Worth Wealth Spreadsheet 1.0

Net Worth Wealth Spreadsheet 1.0  One of the keys to acquiring and maintaining wealth (also known as net worth) is to track it. This spreadsheet makes it easy to calculate your net worth, as well as track it from month to month.

Download Dead On Last Payment Calculator 1.0

Dead On Last Payment Calculator 1.0  This calculator will show you one of the quickest ways to pay off your credit card or other debt (popularized by David Bach of Finish Rich fame). It does the job of sorting out your debts into the optimum repayment order, reducing repayment time.

Download Debt Repayment Calculator 1.0

Debt Repayment Calculator 1.0  This calculator simplifies the difficult calculations of the Debt Repayment method, and makes it easy to see just how much time and money you?ll save by using the plan. It also gives you a detailed schedule of how much to pay each month. If you?