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Freeware Programs: AMX Corporation
Download KPDesign 1.0

KPDesign 1.0  The KPDesign software design program enables creation of user interface (UI) pages for the PLK-DMS and PLK-IMS Keypads

Download G4 Panel Preview 2.0

G4 Panel Preview 2.0  View a full-scale, G4 Touch Panel page right on your computer. G4 PanelPreview is a stand-alone simulator for MS windows that allows you to preview a touch panel design on your PC without loading the file onto a touch panel

Download TPDesign 3.1

TPDesign 3.1  Create state-of-the-art touch panel interfaces for AMX G4 Touch Panels and the MIO-R4 Remote using the TPDesign4 application

Download G4 PanelBuilder 1.1

G4 PanelBuilder 1.1  G4 PanelBuilder makes user interface design quick, easy, and with stunning results. Pick a design concept that suits your project requirements, build your navigation in an intuitive visual environment, label your pages and buttons, and in a matter