Freeware Programs: AmmaXammA
Download @filecat 2005.04

@filecat 2005.04  @filecat.htm runs in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. It builds HTML catalogs of local files and folders organized in a Explorer-Like Tree.

Download Cards.dll Enhanced 2005.01

Cards.dll Enhanced 2005.01  Cards.dll Enhanced is a Windows Cards.dll replacement. Main improvements are better card drawing and user-defined decks with greater image resolution. Users with desktop resolution more than 1024x768 will benefit more.Runs from a separate folder.

Download SeeThruClock 2003.12

SeeThruClock 2003.12  Displays an analog clock in a circular window on the screen. The adjustable opacity allows use of this clock in TopMost mode over other windows. Everything in one executable file: SeeThruClock.exe - no install or uninstall required.