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Freeware Programs: AMC Bridge LLC
Download AID.Works 3.1

AID.Works 3.1  Years of experience with SolidWorks Add-In applications development enabled us to identify that automation of this process will significantly boost our productivity. An in-depth analysis helped us develop AID

Download Sound.Works 1.2

Sound.Works 1.2  Sound.Works adds audio accompaniment to several key SW operations. These include, but are not limited to the following actions: Start and Exit SolidWorks, Open and Close Document, Rollback, Document Rebuild, Edit Feature, Copy, Paste, Drag, or Drop

Download CustomCut.Works 1.0

CustomCut.Works 1.0  CustomCut.Works is an add-in to SolidWorks that enhances the native SolidWorks Hole, HoleWizard Holes and Cut Extrude functionality. It provides an intuitive easy to use tool to create holes and cuts with the profiles that are not available in

Download Drawing.Works 1.0

Drawing.Works 1.0  AMC Bridge has developed a number of utilities to automate drawing creation for various SolidWorks users in the past few years. This experience taught us a few generic requirements that are applicable to different end-user conditions, which we

Download FamilyTable.Works 1.0

FamilyTable.Works 1.0  FamilyTable.Works is a SolidWorks add-in application that offers an advanced version of the 'Design Table' functionality. It allows creating tables of variable parameters, similar to 'Design Table', but it provides more flexibility and power.