Freeware Programs: Amadeus
Download CheckMyTrip 3.2.3

CheckMyTrip 3.2.3  CheckMyTrip allows you to download and store your trips and their details (flight, car, hotel, train bookings, weather) on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Download Amadeus Mobile Messenger 2.0

Amadeus Mobile Messenger 2.0  Amadeus Mobile Messenger is an application provided by Amadeus IT Group SA. It can be used by travelers whose travel manager or travel agent is using Amadeus Mobile Messenger on their desktop.

Download Amadeus Mobile Partner 1.0

Amadeus Mobile Partner 1.0  Amadeus Mobile Partner is an iPhone application for AeTM (Amadeus e-Travel Management) users. AeTM is a self booking tool (SBT) from Amadeus Company.

Download Amadeus e-Travel Management 1.1.2

Amadeus e-Travel Management 1.1.2  Amadeus e-Travel Management allows you to plan, book and purchase air and rail trips following your corporation's policies. The app needs an Assignment Tag to work, which links the app to your existing e-Travel Management profile.