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Download Alternate Memo 2.4

Alternate Memo 2.4  Alternate Memo is a program to switch between several instances of the windows clipboard. How may instances you want to switch between you may decide using the combobox (default is 3). 0 means an endless amount but may use a huge amount of physical

Download Alternate EXE Packer 1.4

Alternate EXE Packer 1.4  This is a program that packs executable files (EXE) and DLL-files in that way, that they unpack themselves at runtime. At first select the executable files (or DLLs) that you want to pack (using the open buttons or the menu file-open)

Download Alternate Timer 2.9

Alternate Timer 2.9  Alternate Timer is a program that was developed for recording your working time. It can also be used for recording time of other processes, like daily Internet usage. The program saves detailed statistics and exports it into one or several files

Download Alternate Directory 3.0

Alternate Directory 3.0  With the lapse of time a lot of unnecessary and useless files accumulate on your computer. Such files don't have an influence on any applications and just take your hard disk space. That's why it is important to search and delete them

Download Alternate Task Manager 2.1

Alternate Task Manager 2.1  Aternate Task manager is ane asy to use and quick tool for shutting down processes that you do not require. This program gives you the possibility to view all processes running on your system and to end them if you want to. You can end as much

Download Alternate TextBrowser 2.4

Alternate TextBrowser 2.4  This program makes it easy to browse through text- and html-files (also xml), syntax highlighting for serveral programming languages available (C , Pascal, PHP, Perl etc.). Features (extract): - several selection methods - search in files -

Download Alternate Chord 1.1

Alternate Chord 1.1  This program is designed to exercise guitar chords and scales. The program is already delivered with a set of chords and scales, but you can also extend them with your own chords and scales. The usage of this program is very simple. Just select one