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Freeware Programs: ALGE Timing
Download ALGE ExcelWriter 1.0

ALGE ExcelWriter 1.0  This utility writes data received by an ALGE timing device into an Excel-Workbook. The format and styles can be ser-defined. Currently supported devices are: Timy, TDC 4000/8000/8001, S3, S4 and Comet. At the moment it is available in German and

Download ALGE-TIMING D-Line Configurator 3.3

ALGE-TIMING D-Line Configurator 3.3  The ALGE D-LINE series is very universal usable numeric display board. It is possible to control it direct from ALGE-timing devices as well as from other devices by RS 232 interface. With ALGE-TIMING D-Line Configurator you can setup your D-Line