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Freeware Programs: Alfons Bierbaum
Download NoSPAMProxy 2.9.56

NoSPAMProxy 2.9.56  NoSPAMProxy blocks the SPAM before it reaches your smtp Server. It acts as a SMTP Proxy Server and does NOT require any local SMTP Servers installed. It scans the SMTP Stream and sends a 550 as soon it classifies the STREAM as SPAM.

Download SMTPBlocker 3.5.1

SMTPBlocker 3.5.1  Self Learning Server Based SPAM Filter. Additional features are IP, Domain whitelists, blacklists, email archiving to database, email monitoring, keyword checking, removal of unwanted receipts, adding of disclaimer and server based autoreplies.

Download Proxy Forwarder

Proxy Forwarder  HTTP Proxy Forwarder/Gateway, inclusive WEBMonitor, for realtime scanning/blocking please email for full Version.

Download POP3Proxy 2.01.0027

POP3Proxy 2.01.0027  POP3 Proxy, POP enable User behind a firewall to use their external POP3 Mail without any security threat. Logging, Archiving, AntiSPAM and much more included in Full Version. Just email metabaseconfigurator@gmx.