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Freeware Programs: Alexandru Dimitriev
Download ADing Start Stop Screen Saver (SSSS) v1.0

ADing Start Stop Screen Saver (SSSS) v1.0  allows you to activate and deactivate your screen saver by simply moving the mouse cursor over a specific corner of the screen. The program can run at Windows Startup and as a convenient icon in the System Tray area of the Windows taskbar.

Download ADing Bar v1.1

ADing Bar v1.1  displays system information in a small, scrolling window. Information displayed includes the date and time, system resources, and free disk space. You can also use ADing Bar to launch programs, set an alarm, view calendars, and exit Windows.

Download ADing Desk v1.02

ADing Desk v1.02  gives you easy and instant access to your desktop. ADing Desk allows you to launch any configured program with a click of the mouse and without having to minimize any windows.