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Download Weihnachtsgeschenke 2.1

Weihnachtsgeschenke 2.1  Weihnachten kommt unaufhaltsam nAher, und mal wieder steht die Frage an: "Was verschenke ich nur?" Diese App hilft!

Download Countdown to 2014! 2.80

Countdown to 2014! 2.80  See how much time is left to the new year! Do not trust other countdowns, they often display the wrong amount of time left due to timezone or calculation errors! This App shows you the correct amount of time left - FOR FREE!

Download Calculate Pi 2.6

Calculate Pi 2.6  Calculate Pi now on your iPhone or iPad! The advent of digital computers in the 20th century led to an increased rate of new ? calculation records. John von Neumann et al. used ENIAC to compute 2037 digits of ?