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Freeware Programs: Alcorn McBride Inc
Download AMI Terminal 3.0

AMI Terminal 3.0  Control Alcorn McBride products using Ethernet, USB or Serial. You can select what product to configure from a long list. Configure your log to show communication details or time stamps and also you can view a brief explanation of the error

Download AMITerm 2.3

AMITerm 2.3  AMITerm controls Alcorn McBride products using RS-232 or Ethernet. It is good for controlling hardware and troubleshooting. Alcorn McBride provides the latest firmware for your product at no charge

Download Schedule Builder 1.3

Schedule Builder 1.3  Create Schedules for the DVMHD, DVM7400, DVM8400, or AM4.The only required entry is a Start Date/Time and an event with the appropriate parameters filled in. Changing the event combo box will change the kind of parameters needed to run the command