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Freeware Programs: Alberto Martinez Perez
Download Hey, Joe! 1.5

Hey, Joe! 1.5  This program is a simple messaging utility, designed to send messages over Windows local networks and intranets, consuming only a small portion of memory and resources.

Download Continental 2.1

Continental 2.1  In the Continental game there is a board with 33 positions and 32 tokens. The tokens can be moved jumping over other tokens to an empty position. Jumps in diagonal and jump over more that one token are not allowed.

Download GemQuake 1.1

GemQuake 1.1  This is another Tetris-based game, using groups of colored gems instead of blocks. In the By-stages mode the objective is destroying groups of gems of the same color (one or two players), but the better thing is the One to One mode.

Download AMP Font Viewer 3.82

AMP Font Viewer 3.82  Easy to use but powerful font manager, which allows getting a quick overview of both installed and non installed fonts (supports TrueType, OpenType and Type 1). It also have several options for easily organizing fonts in categories.

Download AMP Tile Viewer 2.01

AMP Tile Viewer 2.01  This program is an image viewer that displays the images as a mosaic, using the image like a tile texture, with support for multiple image formats (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, PSP and many more).

Download AMP Calendar 2.30

AMP Calendar 2.30  This is a small utility that displays a calendar with the twelve months of a year using the Windows regional settings. Easy access to the calendar through an icon in the taskbar, which shows the current day of the month.

Download Windows Elapsed Running Time 1.20

Windows Elapsed Running Time 1.20  This is a small utility that shows the time elapsed since Windows was started. It can stay resident in the system tray. Works with Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP.

Download AMP WinOFF 4.50

AMP WinOFF 4.50  An utility for scheduling the Windows shut down. It performs several types of shut down (shut down, restart, hibernate, lock...) at certain time (e.g. at 12:00, in 15 minutes...) or when the CPU is idle.

Download HTMLColors 1.31

HTMLColors 1.31  HTML Colors is a light color picker that displays the hexadecimal, decimal and RGB values of a color. It allows selecting colors and copying values directly from the taskbar icon, and can copy automatically the color code to the clipboard.

Download Screen Saver Control 1.50

Screen Saver Control 1.50  This is a small utility that allows deactivate or activate both screen saver and monitor power off with a simple click.

Download MediaMenu 1.40

MediaMenu 1.40  This program is a highly customizable full-screen menu, designed to present the media contents (MP3, video,...) stored in a CD or other media. The menu is configured via a standard .INI file. Each menu item can play a file or show a submenu.

Download Cookie Monster 3.32

Cookie Monster 3.32  This utility is a manager for cookies created by the most usual Windows browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape and Opera (only basic support for this one).

Download AMP Win OFF v2.2

AMP Win OFF v2.2  \allows you to automatically shut down your system.