Freeware Programs: AKUNOSOSHIKI LLC
Download Avoooid!Hero 1.0.9

Avoooid!Hero 1.0.9  ** 1 000 000 Memorial during the campaign ** Chance to get "Free" Two game modes! After the emergence SHOP, score more than 10000 points [HELL MODE (0.99$)] --> for free!! and...

Download Slash!Hero 1.1.2

Slash!Hero 1.1.2  Slaaaaaaash!! Here comes the hero with the red scarf again! Dark side of the hero!? Destroy the black hero! **** How to play **** Tap to slash the?target? Bonus score for successive attacks! Invode?FIRE!!?

Download AKUNOSOSHIKI BOX [MiniGame & SoundAlbum] 1.0.1

AKUNOSOSHIKI BOX [MiniGame & SoundAlbum] 1.0.1  @@@New song [Slash! Hero X]is pre- released@@@ - Including original new mini game! - Popular soundtracks of AKUNOSOSHIKI games. - Alarm function. (Choose your favorite song.) - New songs are constantly added and updated!!!