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Download Uplinq 2011 1.1

Uplinq 2011 1.1  The iPhone application for the Uplinq 2011 conference. Fast easy access to all two days of the conference schedule, plus speaker bios and full session descriptions.

Download D2WC 1.1

D2WC 1.1  The official iPhone application for the Designer/Developer Workflow Conference, held June 19-20, 2010 in Kansas City, MO. Kansas City's first Designer/Developer Workflow Conference.

Download 360iDev San Jose 1.2

360iDev San Jose 1.2  The official iPhone application for the 360iDev San Jose conference, held April 10-14, 2010 in San Jose, California at the eBay Town Hall. 360|iDev is the premiere iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad developer conference in the world.