Freeware Programs: Agilent
Download QCchart 3.2

QCchart 3.2  The QC Chart Tool is an optional desktop application that accumulates, aggregates and analyzes summary statistics from Feature Extraction output files and optional annotation files for the purpose of monitoring microarray processing performance

Download Agilent 34980A IntuiLink for Excel 1.1

Agilent 34980A IntuiLink for Excel 1.1  The recommended software for the 34980A is BenchLink Data Logger available with the instrument and on the BenchLink Data Logger Web page. This software is an Add-In for Microsoft ® Excel 2000 or later. The Agilent 34980A IntuiLink for Excel

Download Agilent Translator 2.0

Agilent Translator 2.0  This program allows you to port a current GC method to another while ensuring that relative retention order is maintained, that is, peaks elute in the same order