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Download XiSIM Xi Simulation Server 2.0

XiSIM Xi Simulation Server 2.0  The XiSIM Simulation Server is a native Express Interface (Xi or OPC .NET 3.0) server for use as a test platform. The server provides DA, AE and HDA functionality without needing access to DCOM based classic OPC server. XiPLUS has a generic server

Download XML DA Test Client 6.0

XML DA Test Client 6.0  This Test Client application is build with the XMLDA.NET client component and can access XML DA and OPC DA servers. The type of server accessed depends on the server URL. If it starts with http:// then it's assumed to be the URL of an XML DA server

Download OpcSecurityAnalyser 5.1

OpcSecurityAnalyser 5.1  The OpcSecurityAnalyzer application is designed to help with security permission settings related to OPC DA server access in order to: -Find why the access to an OPC DA server is denied -Check if the the server access is denied for all but the

Download Xi Test Client 2.1

Xi Test Client 2.1  The Xi Test client is designed for application level tests of Express Interface (Xi / OPC .NET 3.0) servers. It's easy to install and use.The test client is built with the Advosol PaXi Client Component. It does most server access asynchronously

Download OPC Analyzer Redirector 1.0

OPC Analyzer Redirector 1.0  The OpcAnalyzerRedirector simplifies the use of the OPC Foundation's OpcAnalyzer tool. The server access can be analyzed without any changes in the client. This is especially important when the client to be analyzed has the OPC server ProgID hard