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Freeware Programs: Adam Smith
Download Runaway Train EX 1.0.1

Runaway Train EX 1.0.1  The train is out of control in Runaway Train EX! The runaway train is back and off the tracks again and it is your job to jump as many mine carts as possible while avoiding those pesky TNT dropping vultures! The game is simple!

Download Kamikaze Kab Driver 1.0.2

Kamikaze Kab Driver 1.0.2  Drive a crazy taxi as a Kamikaze Kab Driver in this 2D classic arcade style racer! Swerve your cab around oncoming traffic as you try to collect as much money as possible to beat your high score!

Download Kamikaze Submarine Captain 1.0.1

Kamikaze Submarine Captain 1.0.1  Avoid the missiles and mines in Kamikaze Submarine Captain! You are the captain of a submarine and it is your job to get as far through the mine field as you can! The further you go, the higher your score! Try to beat you own high score!