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Freeware Programs: Adam Balzan
Download TV Tracker Lite 2.2

TV Tracker Lite 2.2  TV Tracker is the best way to stay informed of the shows you like. Its simple interface allows you keep track of which episodes you have watched as will as detailed information about each and every episode.

Download Gifts Lite 1.1

Gifts Lite 1.1  Gifts is the best way to track the Gifts that you give to people over the holiday period and the rest of the year. This Lite Version of the app is supported by Ads and only allows you to import 3 contacts a time from your address book.

Download Draw Some Art

Draw Some Art  Draw Some Art is a handy little app that will let you store and share the best of your Draw Something Art you have made or seen.

Download Time Tracker Lite 1.5

Time Tracker Lite 1.5  Time Tracker is a application that allows you to record how long it takes you to perform certain tasks. This could be your time at work, at the Gym, Driving etc.