Freeware Programs: Action!
Download Cias_Volumeter 2.6

Cias_Volumeter 2.6  CIAS Volumeter is a free iPhone/iPad app designed for who want to discover, use or install the microwave barriers or sensors by CIAS for outdoor perimeter protections.

Download Codmmunicator 2Ddecoder 1.4

Codmmunicator 2Ddecoder 1.4  Codmmunicator 2Ddecoder is the QR Code reader of CODmmunity, the online community for all who love the social mobile tagging with 2D codes.

Download Impianti a livelli 1.0

Impianti a livelli 1.0  L'applicazione mobile *Impianti a livelli* si pone come punto di riferimento della normativa sugli impianti elettrici a livelli per tutti i privati che stanno acquistando una casa nuova o rifacendo un impianto esistente.

Download OptimistWay 1.0

OptimistWay 1.0  Optimistway allows you to save and share your optimism with people. You can also manage your pessimism. All registered and shared emotions are totally anonymous and stored by Emotizer only for statistics.

Download Randominio 2.3

Randominio 2.3  RANDOMINIO is a search engine that leads you to a random web sites. You can turn up on any site, in the very center or out on the unexplored edges of the Internet.