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Download Indian Music Stories 1.0

Indian Music Stories 1.0  This App is a e-book about Indian Classical music for iPhone & iPod Touch written by Korean language. Don't Buy this, Unless you could read Hangul - Korean letter.

Download JangdanMetronomeFree 1.1

JangdanMetronomeFree 1.1  Jangdan metronome Free version.Jangdan (literally, long-short) are the unique rhythmic structures used in Korean traditional music. If the jangdan is not played well, Korean music will be unable to be fully expressed or reach its full potential.

Download Music Ball Game 1.2.1

Music Ball Game 1.2.1  It's simple. Touch anywhere on the screen. The ball will start to fall. Tilt your device left or right. The falling direction will be changed. Concentrate. And play.