Freeware Programs:
Download TorrentInfo 1.0.0

TorrentInfo 1.0.0  TorrentInfo is a simple command-line tool that parses .torrent files and provides a summary of their contents.

Download RDFParser 2.0.0

RDFParser 2.0.0  This script loads and parses RDF/RSS files. These are XML files that are used by many websites to syndicate headlines. The class provides an interface to the loaded file and makes it simple to generate lists/tables of the source site's headlines.

Download SimpleLogBook 0.2.0

SimpleLogBook 0.2.0  SimpleLogBook is a simple pilot's logbook. It's can only record basic flight information. The flight information is stored as an XML file and can currently be used to calculate total flight time across one or more flights. Requirements: · Qt 4.