Freeware Programs: AceBIT
Download HTML File Translator 1.0

HTML File Translator 1.0  The HTML File Translator is a tool for the easy and efficient translation of HTML documents into other languages. It shows all visible and hidden elements in a HTML document that must be translated.

Download Password Depot 3.1.7

Password Depot 3.1.7  Password Depot is an easy to use password manager. Never forget your passwords again, and generate uncrackable passwords. Convenient top bar for automatic logins. Secure 256 bit encryption.

Download AceBackup 2.2.0

AceBackup 2.2.0  With AceBackup you back up your precious data locally or on any desired storage device (e.g. hard disk, floppy disk, CD, DVD, zip, jazz, USB, Mo devices) as well as on the network or directly on FTP servers.

Download AceBackup 3

AceBackup 3  Quick and easy back up of your precious data on any volume you like. Back up locally, on the network or on FTP servers. You can schedule, encrypt and compress your backups. Easy handling with Explorer integration.

Download Password Depot 7 7.0.0

Password Depot 7 7.0.0  Password Depot is a powerful and user-friendly password manager which helps to manage all your passwords.