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Download 888 ScreenSaver Clock 1

888 ScreenSaver Clock 1  Free screensaver clock that displays the current time through an attractive analog clock to decorate your computer screen when the computer is idle. Configure screen saver clock to your taste and impress anyone who passes by your desk.

Download 888 Memory Word Game 1

888 Memory Word Game 1  Word Game intends to remember as many correct names of the pictures as possible during the defined amount of time.

Download Alpha Catcher Game 1

Alpha Catcher Game 1  Alpha Catcher helps children develop language skills through play. Designed well the game has three levels: the first introduces kids to alphabets; then to simple words; and last to sentences.

Download Catch A Thief Memory Game 1.5

Catch A Thief Memory Game 1.5  Catch OCoa-Thief, presents mental challenges at increasing levels of difficulties. The player has to use photographic memory skills to complete the challenge. The objective of the game is to catch identical pairs of the thief and put him behind bars.

Download 1888 Ladders & Snakes Board Game 1.0

1888 Ladders & Snakes Board Game 1.0  1888 Ladders & Snakes Board Game is a downloadable version of a traditional board game created in ancient India