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Freeware Programs: 12Ghosts Inc.
Download 12Ghosts Popup-Killer 8.11

12Ghosts Popup-Killer 8.11  Free Popup-Killer that blocks ALL popups of IE. Extended Boss-Key included. NO black list you need to maintain.

Download 12Ghosts Wash 8.11

12Ghosts Wash 8.11  Maintain your privacy and recover space lost to garbage files. Removes your Internet history, cookies, and temporary cached files in Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. And you may extend the washing with any user defined file or folder.

Download 12Ghosts Toolbar 9.25

12Ghosts Toolbar 9.25  Free Toolbar for IE. Fast harvesting of thumbnail galleries. Auto-Stop any dynamic page elements, such as background sounds and animations. Boss-key to hide all IE windows with one key press. Position new IE windows automatically.

Download 12Ghosts SaveLayout 9.0

12Ghosts SaveLayout 9.0  Keep changes to your desktop icon layout once and forever. This is the final answer to the Windows desktop imperfection, keeping a strong backlog of icon layouts. Restore at resolution switching, or when the taskbar is moved

Download 12Ghosts Screen Saver Manager 9.0

12Ghosts Screen Saver Manager 9.0  It helps you to manage screen saver settings directly or create shortcuts or batch files for automation. For example, you can enable a screen saver in the evening to save energy, but disable it in the morning. You may change the screen saver, stop

Download 12Ghosts TrayProtect 9.5

12Ghosts TrayProtect 9.5  To keep track of many tray icons you may hide those that you don't need all the time. You can still access such hidden tray icons in the context menu of 12-Tray. It will also restore tray icons after a 'crash' or restart of the taskbar

Download 12Ghosts DeskTOP 9.0

12Ghosts DeskTOP 9.0  Did you ever have the problem of an active program blocking the way to the desktop? Or of a topmost window you were unable to minimize? 12Ghosts DeskTOP provides you with a window simulating the desktop and displaying your desktop icons in the layout