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Freeware Programs: Pixture Studio
Download IconSizeEnabler 1.0

IconSizeEnabler 1.0  Use multiple icon sizes in a Finder window or Desktop.

Download PhotoToolCM 1.4

PhotoToolCM 1.4  Contextual menu helps organize JPEG photo images. PhotoToolCM is a contextual menu plugin for Mac OS X. It helps you to manage/organize JPEG photo image created by digital cameras.

Download QuickPlayCM 1.0

QuickPlayCM 1.0  Contextual menu displays audio/video/graphics. QuickPlayCM is a contextual menu plugin that lets you play movies and other multimedia files that are supported by QuickTime without launching any application.

Download SnapClip 1.7

SnapClip 1.7  Screen capture tool. SnapClip is a screen capture tool to take a snapshot of full screen or selected area and save it as a clipping file (with thumbnail icon) on Desktop, or copy it to Clipboard.

Download OtherTime 1.3

OtherTime 1.3  Time zone clock in the Dock. OtherTime displays time in the specified time zone with a clock icon in the Dock. I created this as a part of Mac OS X program learning.