Freeware Programs:
Download Volleyball Arcade 1.0

Volleyball Arcade 1.0  Dig into the sand bury your competitors in this fun volleyball game! Jump and spike your way through different levels against your computer or a friend! With so many background options to choose from you are sure to have lots of fun!

Download Matching Gems 1.0

Matching Gems 1.0  In a land of darkness and mystery, an ancient wizard needs you to solve the riddles of the Middle Ages. Unravel the puzzles with your quick wit! Match the runes and destroy the surrounding crystals. Join the medieval merriment now!

Download Pearl Hunter 1.0

Pearl Hunter 1.0  Save your peaceful island! Dive into 28 awesome levels of high sea action! In order to save your peaceful island you must begin the greatest adventure of your life! Dive into 28 awesome levels of underwater challenges.

Download Aerial Fire 1.0

Aerial Fire 1.0  Night missions with varying weather conditions are awaiting you. Plenty of game objects and unique helicopters to fly on! Extraordinarily addictive game play, get ready for 220% pure ACTION!

Download Machine World Terminator Salvation 2.0

Machine World Terminator Salvation 2.0  Alien invaders have taken over the planet Earth. Humanity is at risk of being enslaved by race of the machines. You control latest military hovercraft and your mission is to destroy all evil robotic creatures and liberate our planet.

Download Magic Sweets 1.0

Magic Sweets 1.0  Conquer the Magic Academy's inhabitants using yummy meals spiced with superb spells. Help Dino, a tiny baby dragon, and his mistress cook up some exquisite food and delicious pastries as you master the culinary crafts.

Download Jigsaw Deluxe 1.0

Jigsaw Deluxe 1.0  A beautiful picture has been broken into many different pieces. Arrange the pieces together in order to create a picture. Classic game and new arcade mode available!

Download Forbidden Galaxy 1.5

Forbidden Galaxy 1.5  The key to survival of the human race has been hidden in the Forbidden Galaxy. Your goal in this classic shooting game is to reach the Forbidden Galaxy and retrieve the secret key that will define the future for all of humankind.

Download Humvee Shootout 1.0

Humvee Shootout 1.0  Humvee Shootout is a shoot-em-up game where you will drive a Humvee. You've been ambushed in an enemy territory, and you need to kill all your enemies, trying to keep yourself alive till the friend soldiers arrive to rescue you. You will need to

Download Absolute Survival 1.0

Absolute Survival 1.0  Absolute Survival 1.0 is a futuristic shoot'em up game. You, as a Universal Soldier, will have to defend yourself from hordes of bug-like monsters, that will try to catch you while you walk in every direction by using the cursor movement keys or W,

Download Scuba Steve 1.0

Scuba Steve 1.0  Steve's underwater adventure - find sunken pirate treasure! GAME FEATURES: 60 levels 3 unique underwater worlds full of the lost treasures and enemy creatures! Requirements : Windows 9x,Windows NT,Windows 2000,Windows XP,Windows

Download Arkan Ball 1.0

Arkan Ball 1.0  Arkan Ball is a breakout style game with a space theme. It strongly resembles Ricochet, another Arkanoid-type game. In Arkan Ball you drive a spaceship which throws balls at the bricks that stand in front of it. The ball will bounce off the

Download PakMan 2008 1.0

PakMan 2008 1.0  PakMan 2008 1.0 is a 3D variant of the well known Pacman maze game. This game has been co-developed by Axysoft, a russian company, that distributes it under a different name, "Sky Hero 3.0"

Download Bubble Match 1.0

Bubble Match 1.0  Bubble Match 1.0 is a match-three puzzle game. You will have to shoot bubbles to the group of bubbles that will move towards you from the top of the screen

Download Chess Mafia 1.0

Chess Mafia 1.0  Chess Mafia is a chess simulator game for your computer. In this game you will be able to play chess against the computer, that uses the Grand Master Chess engine. You can play with the white or black pieces. You can even rotate the board at anytime

Download Solitaire Isle 1.1

Solitaire Isle 1.1  Solitaire Isle is a pack of three solitaire card games: Klondike, Tri Peaks and Matching. In "Matching" you will have to match cards of the same value (regardless of where they are), that will then disappear from the screen. You must clear them

Download Bowling PC 1.0

Bowling PC 1.0  Bowling PC is a game that brings this classical sport to the PC. In this game, the ten-pin bowling rules apply: you can do up to three shoots in a turn, and you will have 10 turns