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Freeware Programs: Avid Technology, Inc.
Download Avid Codecs LE 2.3

Avid Codecs LE 2.3  Avid Codecs LE contains Avid Meridien Uncompressed, Avid Meridien Compressed, Avid 1:1x, Avid Packed, Avid DNxHD, Avid DV and Avid DV100. All Avid QuickTime codecs support fast import, as long as the import settings are properly configured

Download Digidesign HD Pack 6.0

Digidesign HD Pack 6.0  Digidesign HD Pack is an addon pack for Pro tools package. This pack contains many video addon which are required for high quality production projects and products

Download Avid Storage Manager 1.9

Avid Storage Manager 1.9  Storage Manager is a utility that you can use to work with Avid hard drives in your storage subsystem. Using Storage Manager, you can do the following: - Identify Avid hard drives. - Spin down Avid hard drives (SCSI and Fibre Channel only). -

Download M-Audio FastTrackUltra Driver (x86) 6.0

M-Audio FastTrackUltra Driver (x86) 6.0  M-Audio FastTrackUltra Driver (x86) is a driver designed for your Fast Track Ultra device, which is installed on computers that run Windows on 32-bits

Download Avid MetaFuze 2.5

Avid MetaFuze 2.5  With this program you can automatically convert formats such as DPX, RED (R3D), QuickTime, and even 3D Stereoscopic sequences to Avid DNxHD media for HD offline editing and 10-bit HD finishing

Download M-Audio Oxygen DirectLink for Reason (x86) 1.1

M-Audio Oxygen DirectLink for Reason (x86) 1.1  You can now control every device in the software with your M-Audio controller! Note that some of the devices contain a large number of parameters

Download Command8 8.0

Command8 8.0  Command|8 puts integrated, tactile manipulation of Pro Tools TDM or LE systems running on Windows XP or Mac OS X at your fingertips more affordably than ever before

Download M-Audio USB Duo 1.2

M-Audio USB Duo 1.2  The Duo is a complete USB audio solution for your PC computer. With two inputs and two outputs of 24-bit audio and up to 96kHz sampling frequencies, coupled with two high quality mic preamps, the Duo utilizes the power and convenience of USB audio