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Download STAT ICD-9 LITE 2544

STAT ICD-9 LITE 2544  What is the code for hypertensive heart disease with CHF?

Download GAD-7 Anxiety Scale 1.1

GAD-7 Anxiety Scale 1.1  Evaluate anxiety symptoms using the most common and validated scale - based on diagnostic criteria described in DSM-IV. The GAD-7 is a brief measure of symptoms of anxiety, based on diagnostic criteria described in DSM-IV.

Download STAT E&M LITE 1.74

STAT E&M LITE 1.74  "This documentation problem is costing me a lot of money. It's time I learned to do it right." Are you having problems navigating complicated coding and documentation rules?

Download STAT Cardiac Clearance 1.4

STAT Cardiac Clearance 1.4  "Did you follow the latest ACC/AHA guidelines when you cleared this patient for surgery?