Freeware Programs: auratio
Download JankenGod Shake!! 1.2

JankenGod Shake!! 1.2  "Janken God Shake!!" has aimed to win "Janken"("Janken" is Japanese of "Rock-Paper-Scissors". ). This application teaches you a hand-shape for win. How do you win by the fortune-telling?Please look at the support site about details.

Download Count Three 1.2

Count Three 1.2  "Count Three" is a game which counts for 3 seconds correctly and competes for the error (reaction time). A reaction time is measured on one billionth of a second. Let's challenge your limit!!

Download PoyoMikanTimer 1.1

PoyoMikanTimer 1.1  This "PyoMikan timer" is a timer which imagined the game of "PyoMikan". How to use Please touch the number button under a screen and input time. If "SRART" is touched, it will change to a count screen.

Download Janken Shot 1.1

Janken Shot 1.1  "Janken Shot" is the shooting game of "Janken". ("Janken" is Japanese of "Rock-Paper-Scissors". ) [How to play] A push on a triangular button will change a left-hand side hand-shape.