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Download Allergy Watch Lite 1.0

Allergy Watch Lite 1.0  Allergies are the human body responses to foreign substances by the immune system; a significant medical condition. Allergies are kind of human body vulnerability to foreign agents.

Download Task Assist Lite 1.0

Task Assist Lite 1.0  Ever had thought or an idea that flash through your mind when you are on your way to office or going to drop your kid to school? Were you able to write them down? What about tracking your daily schedule & To-dos?

Download Walky Talky HD Lite 1.0

Walky Talky HD Lite 1.0  Walky Talky s the application, which allows you to convert your device to walkie-talkie! This application allows you to talk wirelessly, and better than a standard walkie-talkie. Note: A device with microphone, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is required.

Download Converter HD Lite 1.0

Converter HD Lite 1.0  Converter application is the conversion application, which allows you to convert the units from: Area, Currency, Length, Temperature, Volume and Weight.

Download CPR Emergency Lite 1.0

CPR Emergency Lite 1.0  CPR Emergency application is the information application, which allows you to treat the patient in emergency situation when doctor is not accessible. Small and easy to understand application with all the required information on how to tips.